Unicorp has developed UniSat – a system for telesupervision of processes focused on remote data collection via satellite and mobile (Water Distribution Networks, Sewer Facilities, Electrical Power, Gas, Artesian Wells, Environment, Tranport, Equipment, etc.).


This way, it’s possible to collect data from varied types of equipment, such as, for instance, hydrometers, wattmeters, probes, voltage and current meters, flow meters, water quality parameters (OD, STD, pH, turbidity, chlorine, temperature, etc.).



Using remote means of collection and transmitters via satellite and mobile phone, fed by solar collectors, the system the following main features:


  • Allows the geographical visualization of measuring stations (probes, instruments, etc.);
  • Allows for geographical visualization of measuring stations; - Stores data in Small, Medium and Large databases, enabling the presentation of graphs, tables and reports with information gathered over time.
  • Bidirectional communication (collects and sends data from/to the remote unit);
  • Allows the collection of any type of process variable (Analog and Digital);
  • Control of operations and access per user (passwords with various levels of access).


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