The System of Automation and Management of Reception of Effluents – SAGRE – computerizes the processes for receival and physical-chemical control of domestic and industrial effluents, via trucks and sewer collection networks. SAGRE is a tool that:


  • Speeds up the process of registration of industries.
  • Speeds up the receival of consolidated reports and the billing process.
  • Provides on-line integration for Sewer Treatment Facilities.
  • Controls and integrates the processes of receival by truck, facilitating decision-making regarding the release or rejection of effluents.
  • Improves the billing conditions, avoiding possible faults resulting in income loss.
  • Improves the control of types of effluents effectively received, diminishing the incidence of problems in Sewer Treatment Facilities.
  • Improves the control of registered industries, diminishing troubles with non-registered effluent receival.
  • Improves customer service, including mail control.
  • Creates more updated information for Sewer Treatment Facilities about the quality of effluents per drainage-basin.



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