Unicorp is aware of its social responsibility and believes it to be part of its mission to contribute to a more socially fair world.



In this sense, Unicorp has, for several years, adopted children through contributions to André Luiz Homes and also contributing to the sweater campaign from Sabesp.


Located in Guarulhos (SP), the André Luiz Homes is a philantropic Institution, considered as a Public Utility, with free-of-charge services for people with mental disability in all degrees of compromise, with or without an associated physical disability, without any prejudice for religion, nationality, color of the skin, gender or age.


Currently, around 1,400 patients are served, of which over 600 are residents in our Long Stay Unit, requiring permanent cares throughout their entire life; others are cared for as outpatients.


Medical assistance is offered to the patients, in the following specialties: Dental, Nursery, Pharmacy and Radiology, which, associated to interdisciplinary activities in Psychology, Speech, Physical Education, Occupational Therapy, Pedagogy, Neuromotor and Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy and Social Services, create life quality for the patient, their main goal, established 60 years ago.


This rewarding task has only been possible due to partnerships with businessmen with acute sensibility, contribution partners and the community, who trust and hold this great cause.


Come, you too, be a part of this story.


On the Internet: [www.casasandreluiz.org.br]

Information: 2457-7733 - extensions 219 / 220