What is the point of work?

It’s not that for which we struggle to live, but what we do with our lives. As said Aristotle:


"Happiness resides in activity, both physical and mental. It resides in doing things of which you can be proud of doing well, and, for such, pleasurable to do”.


When sending your résumé, your data will be part of the Talents Database. Whenever a job position appears with your profile, we’ll make contact, because we believe that success is the meeting of preparation with opportunity.


Demanded requisites:

  • Analyst/programmer in Delphi, C# .Net;
  • Experience with standard ANSI SQL databases;
  • Knowledge in analysis and modeling ER;
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Ease to work in teams;
  • Availability for full-time employment.


  • Intermediate English for reading.
Send your résumé to [emprego@unicorp.com.br]